Company Profile

POLTERPUMP established in the year 2003 and POLTERPUMP offers a range of products from  Induction Motors, Domestic Pumps, Agricultural Pumps, Industrial Motors, Domestic Motors, Openwell & Centrifugal, Monoblock Pump, Submersible Pump.

The success of the company is founded on innovative technology that is the fruit of its own research and development activities. POLTERPUMP’s research centres focus their efforts on hydraulics, materials technology and the automation of pumps and valves. Pumps are essential in our daily lives for the transferring, boosting and handling of fluids. Excellent efficiencies, energy-saving motors as well as equipment for the control and monitoring of system components ensure high overall energy efficiency.

What We Do


Apart from the standard range pumps can be designed and custom-built to suit specific application. YAM submersible pumps are exclusively designed and manufactured in India and supplied to sewerage treatment plants for the processing of water and wastewater.


We provide pump testing services for motor sizes up to 100hp (step down test may be done for larger motor ratings). Factory acceptance testing (FAT) may be done upon customer request to ensure pumps perform to required standards.

All custom built pumps, new products and selected product ranges also undergo testing prior to delivery.


We provide after sales support to our clients to ensure all pumps supplied are running up to the required specifications and are free of manufacture defects.

We also provide general pump maintenance and servicing of worn pumps, carry out overhaul and re-conditioning works.


We believe in sharing our knowledge. Through regularly organised seminars and workshops, our sales and technical team and clients become familiar with the capabilities of our product, learn the proper way to maintain the pumps so that they are in good running condition and ensure longer product lifespan.